Remote Senior Frontend Developer with Great Design Flair

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Are you a skilled front-end developer and do you have a talent for design? Do you want to impact Likvido’s product and become a part of our remote tech family? Then you might be our new remotely based front-end developer! Who is Likvido? Likvido is a fast-growing and ambitious tech startup based in Copenhagen with 28 employees working from all over the world. We were founded in 2018 with the vision of creating a product, that could provide companies with an easy and user-friendly solution for charging their invoices. Therefore, we are the first automated Invoice Management system on the market. Our goal is to automate the entire process of invoicing, reminders, and debt collection and thus ensuring companies time and cash flow to focus on their core business. We create cutting-edge technology which can save companies time and frustration and help support the growth and job satisfaction of our customers. We have just raised a seed round from a top fintech investor, and are planning our launch in the UK. Responsibilities Our situation is this: We have a product that thousands of customers love, we're growing fast and we have a very solid roadmap. We have a great sales organization and we know to scale getting to market. We're two co-founders that are very aligned, and we have a very strong vision for where we are heading. We started with legacy technologies (jQuery and ASP.NET MVC monolith) because it was the fastest way to build our MVP, but now we are a serious business with (lots of) real customers. That's why we know that during the next couple of years, we need to do a lot of refactoring and use the newest front-end technologies. Our design needs a massive reconceptualization and redesigning. Being the senior front-end developer, your job is to: Be in charge of design and visual optimization Implement new visual changes (HTML + CSS + JavaScript in Vue.js) Be responsible for the front-end technical stack in the solution Make sure we adopt component design and start to make “nice and reuseable” UI components around the site Make code-reviews and be responsible for the HTML+CSS in the solution You will participate in sprints like all other. We know we must redesign our front-end stack, and we will provide at least 50% of your available time to do this. When we make new features, we also expect it will be implemented properly Why should you work at Likvido? Well, we are a growing startup with big visions, great room for growth and passionate employees. You have the opportunity to impact Likvidos success in the future regarding the development of a top nudge visual product. In addition, you get: A job with great responsibility, impact and many challenges A steep learning curve and challenges from day one Free meditation: We pay your or Headspace subscription Free books: You can buy all the books you need to stay ahead and learn new things Free education: After working in the team for 12 months, we offer to pay your education Free salary: Our vision is to enable personal growth for our team and business growth for our clients. If you have reached the limit of personal growth as part of Likvido, we will support you if your dream is to become an entrepreneur yourself. If you have worked at Likvido for at least 3 years, we offer to pay your salary for the first 3 months so that you can start your entrepreneurial journey. Free sports: We have weekly sports activities paid for by Likvido and we offer to pay if you want to run a marathon or challenge yourself in other healthy ways. Requirements We expect you are passionate about what you do and carry out your work with great integrity. It is important to us, that you love your work just as much as we do. We expect you to take responsibility for your area and contribute to the success of Likvido. Also, we are looking for someone who can say “YES!” to the following: I’m a senior front-end with 5 years of experience It hurts my eyes when I see user interfaces that are misaligned or inconsistent I have multiple years of experience designing and building great looking websites I like working with the latest advancements in design and front-end technologies I know how to make sure I build websites that work in all browsers - even IE, while still being able to leverage cutting edge technologies I am proficient in JavaScript, and have experience working with Vue.js Bonus: I am familiar with useful helper tools (such as storybook, JSDocs) that help me build and document my components in an efficient and team-friendly way Practicalities You will 100% procent remote along with our existing team We pay a good salary and offer warrants for the right candidate We expect you to be fluent in English, but danish language skills are NOT a requirement The position is full-time Your manager will be operating from Denmark How do I apply? If you are Likvido's new Front-end Developer, send your CV through the link
Publicado: 9 de julio de 2020