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We are currently looking for a remote Vue.js developer to help us build and develop our new cool cloud-based application platform. It has a multi-tenant architecture design where each tenant environment is described by JSON and the code builds the environment from the JSON "blueprint." Fun and exciting, leading edge stuff! We are looking for someone who: - is available 40+ hours a week - is a Vue.js expert - is a Javascript expert and problem solving ninja - creates modular, reusable components - writes clean, simple code - can work with at least 5 - 6 hours overlap with Pacific time zone so we can communicate daily and work together (ideally, 10 am - 7 pm PST, but if not, as many hours as possible) - loves a challenge and wants to help build something truly amazing If this sounds interesting, please tell us a little about yourself! Thanks so much for your time and consideration!
If you're interested, please let us know: 1. If you are available for a fulltime remote position 2. Some links to some of your work 3. What part of development do you like doing the best? 4. If you are able to work 10am - 7pm PST time zone 5. Your level of expertise with Vue.js 6. Your level of expertise with Cordova 7. Your level of expertise with Electron 8. If you have experience with the Quasar framework 9. How much $$$ you would want to make per month to start (USD)
Publicado: 1 de febrero de 2019